Wojtek Domagalski

Psychotherapy, counselling and promoting personal growth

Wojtek Domagalski

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist, bringing over 17 years of experience in providing psychotherapy, counseling, and promoting personal growth. Based in Poznań, Poland, I provide individual, couples and group therapy to local clients while also extending my services globally by offering online sessions in English.

I’ve had the privilege of supporting a diverse clientele from various corners of the world. My experience spans across working with clients from the United States, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Colombia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, and Afghanistan. I believe an exposure to a wide range of cultures not only enriches a therapist’s practice but also underscores the importance of cultural sensitivity and adaptability in today’s therapeutic landscape.

Whether you’re seeking to treat a clinical disorder, navigate life’s challenges, or simply enhance your well-being, I offer a supportive, empathetic, and professional partnership drawing upon several schools of psychotherapeutic thinking.

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It’s a joy to be hidden, but a disaster not to be found.

Donald W. Winnicott